Scott’s 100 Word Challenge – Week 10 (WE ARE BETTER WITHOUT BULLYING)

We are better without bullying because we can live a more civilised life and people will be more confident to do things and not be called names. Also people will have better grades because they will focus more on school. Everyone will be better friends and it will be a better life for everyone. People are being pushed to the point were they will do something about it like go to the doctors and have operations. As well as that the bully usually turns out worse than the person being bullied. Please stop, please…it will be better for everyone!


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Teacher of Mathematics and Joint Form Tutor of 8M
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5 Responses to Scott’s 100 Word Challenge – Week 10 (WE ARE BETTER WITHOUT BULLYING)

  1. Mr Collins says:

    Scott, you mention a very good point here when you say that bullies often ‘turn out’ worse than the victims of bullying. Perhaps it is the determination victims show when standing up to bullying that makes them better people?

  2. Daniel says:

    Well done Scott, you have made some great points. Bullies need to realise that they upset people and they wouldn’t like it.

  3. enterprisegran says:

    You are so right. Bullies often turn out to be weak people and they try to make themselves feel important to get power. I was bullied at school and it is a horrible feeling. It is so important to get advice and report it. The world would be so much nicer without bullying. Well done for expressing your opinions on bullying this week.

  4. siobhan miller says:

    Hi Scott, I’m Siobhan for the 100 WC Team.
    This is so true, I think schools need to make people aware of the consequences that bullying has on people.

  5. jermaine barnabyclass says:

    That convinced me to tell everyone not to bully well done but you need a little bit of commas.

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