Word of the Week – w/beg 18/03/13

Hi All,

This week’s Word of the Week is…


VIVOs will be awarded for using the word in an example sentence – hand in to me during form time on a post-it!


About Mr Collins

Teacher of Mathematics and Joint Form Tutor of 8M
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1 Response to Word of the Week – w/beg 18/03/13

  1. Mr Collins says:

    Will G – I was very tenacious about becoming a photographer
    Dillon – I was very tenacious when I was losing in my parliment
    Rishil – He was tenacious
    Dan I – I am tenacious
    Joseph – he is tenacious
    Scott – I was going to be tenacious and sing the greatest song in the world in front of millions of people
    Kyle R – I am tenacious to get my job as a superhero
    James – I am tenacious with FIFA
    Christian – I am very tenacious
    Jack – I am tenacious
    George – 8M will be tenacious in the house rugby final
    Josh – he was tenacious in his A-Levels
    Eddie – I’m very tenacious
    Adam – The boy wanted to be a photographer, so he was tenacious
    Dan Y – he was tenacious at the thought of victory
    Jana – she was very tenacious with her dispute
    Louie – the man showed great tenacity in fighting for his life
    Conor – to be an author you have to be tenacious
    Kieran – he was being tenacious with his argument
    Elliott – Manchester United are very tenacious
    Luke – you are tenacious!
    Archie – the year 8 rugby team is tenacious

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