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Archie’s 100 Word Challenge – Shelter Special

Merton’s charity is called Shelter and what it does is shelter homeless people. For example the year 7s are doing Wii games and year 8s are recreating how people get by by doing a soup kitchen to recreate the food … Continue reading

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Archie’s 100 Word Challenge – Week 10 (WE ARE BETTER WITHOUT BULLYING)

We are better without bullying. It makes people have to change themselves. It makes people too self-conscious and can be tackled by older people with better and more authority. Also, people being bullied also make it stop by not reacting.

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Archie’s 100 word challenge – week 4 (picture prompt)

There I was, the mechanical monster towering over me. I was shaking, worried and terrified…I could feel the laser red eyes burning into my soul. it was entirely metal and I was entirely petrified. It was summing me up, working … Continue reading

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Archie’s 100 Word Challenge (green, tiny, piano, exploded, sorry)

As I was doing my homework a green alien waddled in with a tiny piano. He explained that he wanted a bigger piano. He had heard that you could blow up a photo to make it bigger. He asked for … Continue reading

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